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We offer a variety of classes and approaches to yoga so you can find the class that's right for you! In order to simplify our schedule and to make our classes recognizable to current and prospective students, we modified some of our current class titles and grouped them broadly into several areas.  You still have fabulous teachers teaching their own special practice; but now you’ll be able to see quickly what other classes on the schedule meet your interests!

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For beginning yoga students as well as those who want to develop their understanding of the practice of yoga. Classes will contain lengthier explanations and postures modified to students’ needs. This class includes stretches to warm the body; conscious breath; formal yoga postures; and meditation and/or relaxation. No prior experience required; open to all students.

A slower yoga class with gentle postures and emphasis on relaxation and de-stressing. Postures may be held or gently flow together. The class will include warming stretches; gentle yoga postures; conscious breath; and meditation and/or relaxation. Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures or those wanting a mellow practice.

A moderate level, holistic practice drawing on multiple yoga traditions. Classes will include warming stretches; conscious breath; formal yoga postures (including longer posture holds and intermediate poses); meditation and/or relaxation. Classes may also weave in yoga philosophy traditions, history or metaphors. Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures, including Sun Salutations, who want to deepen their practice.

This class strings yoga postures together in a flowing sequence of breath and movement. Sequences are conducted at a moderate pace to raise the heartbeat and create warmth in the body. Seated and/or moving meditation and relaxation are a part of each class. Suitable for students with an awareness of yoga postures and comfort with sustained movement.

A challenging and holistic yoga practice with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. Students may expect warming stretches; powerful yoga postures including pushups; lunges; squats; inversions; and arm balances. With an emphasis on breath-driven movement, alignment, and mental focus, students are encouraged to find inner calm, especially during challenges. Through regular practice, students will steadily cultivate new personal power and potential, from which everything is possible! Suitable for students with a strong and consistent yoga practice.

Fertile Yoga
A creative, nurturing, stress-reducing class to create balance, harmony and overall reproductive health for both men and women. This class is sponsored by Reproductive Medical Associates.

Meditation is an intentional calming of the mind as a way to decrease stress and increase the overall feeling of well being. It is also one of the ways to attain the unity of mind, body and soul. Students will be led in a variety of meditation practices to identify his or her preferred way to meditate. When practiced regularly, meditation has the power to alleviate our different mental and physical discomforts. This is a seated practice with little-to-no movement. Chairs and cushions will be available for students’ comfort.

Pre-Natal Yoga
This nuturing and fun yoga class is designed to strengthen, stretch and integrate the changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Mamas-to-be will learn what poses are appropriate for certain trimesters, as well as breathing techniques that may be helpful in labor. No prior yoga experience is necessary, and permission from your doctor is suggested.

Yo-Chi is a gentle blend of yoga and tai-chi, drawing on the breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga and combining the flowing movements of Tai Chi. This easy class is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness; no prior experience is necessary.

Kundalini Yoga Sadhana
A 2.5-hour Kundalini Yoga class (including yogic prayer, Kundalini Yoga kriyas and an hour of chanting mantras) offered in the ambrosial hours of 5am - 7:30am on the first Saturday morning of each month.  Everyone is welcome. No prior experience necessary. This class is offered by donation.

Yoga for Men
A holistic yoga class for men, by men; with instruction to address men’s specific issues of flexibility; balance; stress-reduction; and strength. Suitable for men of any age and athletic ability.

By Donation:
All by donation classes are noted with a by line of “by donation” while utilizing the most appropriate class title from above. These classes are offered as a service to the community; you may pay whatever you wish and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. Please donate as genrously as you can in accordance with your means and the value you feel you've received from the class. This means that everyone can afford yoga and helps us complete the circle of giving back (find out more about the organizations we've supported here).


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