Is it magic? Is it enlightenment?

We all come to yoga for different reasons. Maybe it's health – our doctor recommended adding yoga to your fitness regime. Maybe it's an urge to be less competitive, more present. Maybe it's curiosity, everyone you know is doing it.

Come & Find Your Reason to Practice

Whatever your reasons are, you will find value in dipping your toe in and trying yoga. The value may be precisely what you had planned and anticipated. Your blood pressure and pulse rate may indeed lower with consistent practice. You may be able to keep those to-do-lists at bay while you're in class and have a slightly quieter mind. You may try yoga and see exactly why everyone's talking about it- because you too have fallen in love with classes!

It may happen that way. It frequently does. But there is a secret that I'm going to share here with you.

Something else happens in yoga class, whether your first or your thirty first or your three hundredth time in community.

Magic? Enlightenment? Or Something Entirely Different? 

What is it? Is it magic? Is it enlightenment? Is it a release of very old stuff you've been carting around? Is it that you can now touch your toes without needing to call an ambulance?

The answer to the secret?

It's simple. 

The only way to find out is to come and discover it for yourself.

Yoga presents you with the unexpected, as well as the expected.

Come Join Us & Find Your Answers

You will find gifts that you never expected to receive. You will receive gifts that you never knew you could enjoy or that even existed. You will unwrap the practice at the same time that you will wrap yourself up in the practice and discover the unexpected.

Is this a guarantee?

Well, yes, actually. You will discover things about yourself and the universe that you are unaware of right now. That is a guarantee.

Will you love every class and every teacher?


Will you learn that there is something essential for you in every experience that you have, including a class that you don't particularly care for?


There's the guarantee. You will discover that it's possible to appreciate one breath at a time in a class. That you can be present in your own life in a real way.

That's yoga.

And regardless of why you walked in the door, you will learn that being fully in your own life is not only possible but utterly delightful.

Take the time to find the gift of yoga – yourself.



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Lisa Rosenthal

Lisa is certified by Lotus Gardens Yoga School with Lara Ward and is a member of the Yoga Alliance (RYT200). She practices daily, with an emphasis on Viniyoga and Vinyasa. For the past few years Lisa has been developing the Fertile Yoga program at YogaSpace in conjunction with her work at Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT, where she is also the editor-in-chief of their patient advocacy blog, Path To Fertility. Lisa and Fertile Yoga were featured on Eye Witness News Chanel 3 in May of 2011. She is currently a conributing writer for the Huffington Post. You can find out more about Lisa and her classes at YogaSpace at



  • Comment by Gloria Owens on 13 June 2017 11:47 am

    I think yoga is both a practical and magic tool on the road to enlightenment! After 25 years of practice it's still intriguing to me. I never really perfect anything, lol! I just hope to be more conscious as I'm breathing, working, creating, communicating, moving, resting, loving and living!

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