Yoga ~ your way!

YogaSpace offers a variety of packages and memberships to suit every student’s level and interest. New to YogaSpace? Try our New Student Special. Frequent flyer? Why not enjoy the benefits of an ongoing membership? On a budget? Try our By-Donation Community Classes or one of our discounted class passes. Any which way, we're flexible... so you can be too!

New student special


for 3 Classes
  • $12 per class, tax included
  • 30-day expiration
  • Start anytime
  • Use for any weekly classes
  • New Students Only

NEW! 3 Months Summer of Love Pass



Unlimited yoga for one low price!

Get 3 months of unlimited yoga classes
for just one flat rate of $250 + tax.
Choose from over 20 classes a week
and come as much as you want!


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Drop-in regular


Regular adult, tax included.

Drop-in special


For Senior/Veteran/Student/Teacher, tax included.

10-Class Pass


  • $16 per class
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • Start anytime
  • Use for any weekly classes

20-Class pass


  • $14 per class
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • Start anytime
  • Use for any weekly classes

10-class reduced rate pass


  • $13 per class
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • Start anytime
  • Use for any weekly classes
  • For Seniors/Veterans/Students/Teachers

One month unlimited


  • The more you use it, the less each class costs!
  • Only $5 per day
  • 30-day expiration
  • Start anytime
  • Use for any weekly classes
  • One month commitment
  • No sharing, refunds or extensions

Membership Options Chart

Memberships from $59

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Referral Discount

10% Off

Refer a friend who is new to Yogaspace and both of you receive 10% off your next Yoga purchase.

How it works. Next time your at the studio pick up referral cards put your name on them and give them to your friends. If your friend buys a class pass package they get 10% off the package and you will receive a 10% off promo code you can use online to purchase your next class pass card. If your a VIP member you will get 10% off your next monthly payment.

Which YogaSpace Class Passes is right for me?

All of our passes can be used for ANY of our regularly scheduled weekly yoga classes, giving you total flexibility to come to class as it fits your needs. To use your pass, simply sign-in in the Shop/Lounge. Family members can share a pass, or you can bring a friend and treat them to a class on your pass. Please note that most special events and workshop are specially priced and do not accept class cards unless otherwise noted.

Please note:

  • 6.35% CT State Sales Tax will be added to the YogaSpace price for all class passes as noted.
  • Class passes can be used for any of our regularly scheduled weekly classes.
  • Class passes cannot be used for special events and workshops unless specified for that particular event.
  • We appreciate personal checks or credit cards as payment for passes to avoid dealing with coin change.
  • Drop-In rates INCLUDE 6.35% CT State Sales Tax
  • Our discounted $14 drop-in rate is for kids, teens and college students with valid ID, seniors 65 and over and veterans.

Please note that class passes have expiration dates.

  • Even if you only come an average of once a week, you'll usually save money with a YogaSpace pass rather than paying the drop-in fee of $19/class.
  • Students and Teachers (with valid ID), Seniors (65+) and Veterans are welcome to drop-in for a reduced rate of $14/class.
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Debit cards, along with cash or personal checks made out to "YogaSpace".
  • However you decide to come to class, we look forward to seeing you on the mat!