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Is it magic? Is it enlightenment?

We all come to yoga for different reasons. Maybe it's health – our doctor recommended adding yoga to your fitness regime. Maybe it's an urge to be less competitive, more present. Maybe it's curiosity, everyone you know is doing it. Come & Find Your Reason to Practice Whatever your reasons are, you will… View More


Teacher Profile - Karen Pierce

Please meet a beloved teacher at Yogaspace- Karen Pierce- a remarkable teacher and yogi who’s been sharing knowledge, love and dedication to teaching yoga and her own continuing exploration for well over a decade at Yogaspace. Unbelievable opportunity- Karen will be extending her offering through… View More


Teacher Profile - Karen Pierce Part 2

Karen Pierce, a teacher who’s been at Yogaspace for 16 years is doing it! What? Yoga Teacher Training! Very exciting, as her expertise and dedication has spanned over 4 decades. She is a student as well as a teacher- that’s one more reason her offering is so unique- her connection to the universe is a daily practice. Teacher training may be because you’d like to teach OR it may be that you want to deepen your own yoga… View More